Size (width x height)1 edition3 editions6 editionsArtwork/Design
Mini (64mm x 44mm)£25£72*£135**n/a
Quarter page (64mm x 95mm)£45£129*£243**£25
Half page (132mm x 95mm)£85£243*£459**£35
Full page (132mm x 194mm)£150£428*£810**£45

* Save 5% | **Save 10% | Discounts apply when three or more editions are booked and paid for in advance

We are not VAT Registered so the price you see is the price you pay

Please send your artwork file by email or if it’s more than 10MB in size please upload via WeTransfer, a free file transfer site which is safe and simple to use. (Alternatively you can use DropBox or any other file transferring method you may have at your disposal.)

Where possible, please supply artwork as a high quality 300 dpi PDF in CMYK colour mode with all fonts embedded, or as a high resolution 300 ppi JPEG image at final advert size.

Premium page rates

Inside Front or Back cover£200
Centre Left or Right£200
Back cover£220
Guaranteed Right Hand positionStandard rate plus 15%